Saturday, February 27, 2010


I have to get all our information together, but then we send our taxes to a wonderful tax preparer that specializes in church workers in Fort Wayne, IN. We could probably do them ourselves to save money, but it is nice to send them to her and get them done. While I was gathering receipts I realized, there is much in these receipts that tells about our family. Here's some of what I noticed/remembered about 2009 for our family when I got the tax information together.

Medical: *We drove 2236 miles to doctors and dentists.
*Our portion of the copayments and other payments after deductibles was $1884.22.
*Lamb 1 had his hearing tested in January 2009. After several years of borderline not being able to hear the low registers of sounds, he passed the tests completely this time!
*Ewe sprained her foot in May.
*In June, the Lambs got a rash right before our vacation. We just had to wait for the rash to go away. They were grouchy the whole drive to CO. Ewe's poor parents had to put up with this.
*Lamb 2 had to go to the ER in August when he got a snail shell stuck in his nose.
*We had a miscarriage in September.
*Ewe had a sinus infection in September.
*Lamb 2 had a seizure when we had the regular flu in November. Sometimes children get seizures when they are ill. Dr. was not worried about this one time event even though it scared Ewe!
*Ewe had an ear infection and was sick with the regular flu in November.
*Ewe got her finger stuck in the garage door in December.
*Lamb 2 had his hearing tested in December and passed the tests.
*Even with all this, we were pretty healthy in 2009. We try to go to the chiropractor once a month, but we rarely go to the doctor besides well-child checkups and the injuries I mentioned.

Ram as a pastor: *Ram did 8 funerals in 2009.
*Ram drove 11214 miles for church. This does not include going to conferences. This is just visiting members, going to church services, and going to meetings.
*Ram got a new cell phone in 2009.
*Ram went to a few conferences in MN by himself. We all went along to WI for a retreat and we were able to attend the Divine Service one night at CCA even though we weren't able to stay for CCA this year. This was the first year that Ram did so little for conferences-he didn't go to Symposium in Fort Wayne or stay for CCA. It was also the first year that we didn't go along to any of the conferences in MN.

Our home: *Lamb 2 moved out of the crib onto a mattress on the floor in 2009.
*Rams parents brought us their old kitchen table in March.
*We gave up TV in January 2009.

I think it would be interesting to blog what you can see about our family from our taxes each year!

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

We send our taxes there too. I think it's well worth the money, seeing as she knows all the ins and outs of pastors' taxes. It's amazing how you see your past year when you're getting everything together!