Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On the Banks of Plum Creek Part 1

Laura remembered a Big Rock. The rock was across the creek behind the dugout. The only large rock on the farm today is this one, which is nearly submerged. This rock once protruded above the ground, but the surrounding banks rose with silt deposits from each spring flood until it is now nearly covered. Unfortunately efforts in the late 1970s to raise this rock failed. This rock is 8x10x10 and about 70 tons.
Laura's Dugout Home was located where that sign is.
You can see how it was located on the banks of the
Plum Creek in this photo.
Laura's dugout home was located here.
Can you see the plums? I wish I would have visited a few weeks later when the plums were ripe. The plums are wild plums so I probably wouldn't want to eat them anyway.

I apologize for the formatting on this post. I just can not get used to this new Blogger format! If you like Laura Ingalls Wilder's books, stop back often this week. This week I plan to post lots of photos and info that I learned on my bus trip to Walnut Grove, MN yesterday.

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