Saturday, December 15, 2012

Band competition

In my attempt to finish posting photos from OCTOBER before Christmas, here's what we did on the first evening after we were home from CA (after Chick-fil-A and library book sale).
One of our church members gave our family tickets to this competition. It was the best gift for me, the band geek. I missed band competitions while we lived in MN. Ram had never been before and he said he would like to go again. The Lambs tolerated it, I think next year we would go a little earlier (we went at 6pm) when it wasn't so cold yet and also try to get a little better seats. It got my brain working if the Lambs would like to be in marching band in a few years...Which high school would they go to? Would we continue to home school? We'll see. It was also interesting to see how ID does marching band and competitions compared to my home state, IN.

One of our members is a drum major for this high school. Their show was titled "Angels" and I was quite impressed with their show. I don't think they placed, but I liked their show. They played "A Mighty Fortress" and even had a solo of "A Mighty Fortress". That is impressive to me both for living in the West and a public high school.

If you're really interested, here's the show.

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