Monday, December 17, 2012

Halloween 2012

Lamb 3's preschool class and teacher
Lamb 3 was Pooh.

This is the best I could get a photo of this family at church, The Incredibles. I'm just not a fast enough photographer for two year old twins!

The Lambs in the bounce house at our church Trunk or Treat.

A few photos of the Lambs at Trunk or Treat.

Ram went to Trunk or Treat dressed as a pastor!

Our trunk was full of the jack-o-lanterns we carved and candy that wasn't sticky.

What the Lambs wore to Trunk or Treat
Lamb 1: Baseball player
Lamb 3: Eeyore
Lamb 2: Fireman

One of the trunks gave out this cute pumpkin poop (cheese balls).

Following Trunk or Treat we put our jack-o-lanterns out in front of our house and went trick or treating in our neighborhood.

I had these pumpkin tattoos leftover from a few years ago. I had planned to make pumpkin pie out of these but I haven't done that yet so I don't think that is happening this year. I'll have to look for these next year, they were quite easy for the Lambs.

One more photo from the preschool in the morning, sorry it is out of order. Lamb 1 and 2 helped with the preschool party. Lamb 2 was a baseball player and Lamb 1 was a fireman. Lamb 1 and 2 were quite helpful with the preschool games, snacks, and crafts. They are old enough to be good helpers but young enough to still have fun while they help. They wore different costumes in the morning for the preschool party than they did for the Trunk or Treat at night.

The next day the Lambs took all their sticky candy to a dentist and traded it for a few dollars. The dentist sends the candy to the military troops and the Lambs were excited to get a little money instead of just throwing away the candy.

Last year we moved into our rental house on Halloween so this was a much better Halloween than last year.

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