Saturday, December 15, 2012

Church dress

I almost always wear a skirt or a dress to church. I don't work outside of the home and it is one chance a week to dress up. I think the best time of the week to dress up is for church. Since we moved here, the dress is much more casual and some times I'm the only one at church in a skirt. After living in MN I don't think the cold would ever be an excuse for me to wear pants here. When we have evening services (Advent and Lent) I often wear dress pants, but not jeans. This is unusual for this area too. The Lambs were surprised to see me put on dress pants for Advent evening services because I wear dress pants so little.

Tomorrow I had planned to wear dress pants and a nice sweater to church because I'm helping with the Sunday School Christmas program during church. I thought pants would be easier to sit on the floor and show them the actions for the songs etc. Then I read this article. Ram encouraged me to wear a dress, not just a skirt after reading this. I think I'll wear a skirt. I find it odd that their "Wear pants to church day" is during Advent, right before Christmas. Also, read carefully the wording of the statement of the media manger.

I'm so thankful to be a member of the LCMS. I know my boys are thankful that they don't have to wear a tie every Sunday, but they like to wear ties so they wear them sometimes. I'm thankful to have the choice what to wear to church. I'm reminded each Sunday when we are outside when our neighbors get home from their LDS ward. I'm also thankful to go to church by my own free will and not have anyone knocking on my door if I miss church or keeping track and demanding my tithe. I'm the most thankful to hear the Gospel each week at church. I'm thankful that our church observes Advent and Christmas each year to remind me that Jesus humbled himself to be born as a baby and later died and rose again to forgive my sins.

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