Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

When they woke up this morning, the Lambs found this outside their bedroom door.
(Chocolate coins in their church shoes and a fabric map.)

All the pieces are up there, but they still have some arranging, especially for countries and rivers.

Lamb 3

Lamb 1 and 2
We put it between the boy's bathroom and the laundry room upstairs. I think hammering nails in the wall to put it up was almost more fun than the map! I think they will enjoy this map for a long time. We can also add more names of places just by putting velcro on the back of our homemade pieces.

I happen to know that St. Nick got a great deal on the map, with coupons it was just $10 at Kohls. St. Nick had a difficult time choosing from all the Discovery Kids toys.

In case you haven't read my posts about St. Nicholas Day before, I'll let you know that my boys refer to Santa as St. Nick. They know that others call him Santa. When we drove around looking at lights last night they called out to each other, "That house has a St. Nick!" They know that Grandma and Grandpa give them presents on Christmas.

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