Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm excited that my child failed!

Lamb 1 was a very late talker but he talked well at age 3 1/2. When we lived in MN Lamb 2 went to the public school for speech once a week for 1/2 hour. When we moved the first problem was getting the paperwork from his MN speech teacher. When we finally got that then we contacted the public school here. We were surprised to learn that there were no services like speech provided to home school students. I talked to some other home school moms and learned that the public schools really do not have enough money here so they do not usually provide services like this to home schooled students. When I talked to a public school teacher she said we should be able to get speech at the school. We considered "fighting" to get him in to speech at the school. By this time it was almost the end of the school year so by the time he was tested, they wouldn't have even had time to work with him before summer break. I tried unsuccessfully to get him into a program at the university where students that are studying speech therapy need students to work with. Finally, we got a referral from our doctor. In August, Lamb 2 began speech therapy at a pediatric rehabilitation services center. He goes once a week for an hour. This was quite expensive but it helped us meet our insurance deductible. Once we met our deductible, the rest of the year of speech was free to us. After a few months I am pleased with our decision. He had missed speech for several months and he needed to get back in speech. In just a few months I have seen very good progress. He has a once a week appointment for an hour and we don't need to deal with school schedules.

Meanwhile, while I was trying to get Lamb 2 in speech, Lamb 3's preschool teacher strongly encouraged me to get Lamb 3 evaluated and into speech. Lamb 3 has listened to Lamb 2 incorrectly say words. Some one told me in September that he sounds like a cartoon character when he talks. The public schools evaluate one day every other month. He had an evaluation today at the public school. He did well on every area except for speech. He failed speech. Which means he will be referred to the public school speech therapist and hopefully begin speech early in 2013. For free! He also did not pass the hearing test in one ear. He has never failed a hearing test at the doctor or when we took him to the audiologist in MN. We think he is healing from an ear infection. So we will have his hearing tested again in a few weeks.

My next hope is that if Lamb 3 begins speech at the school I can discuss Lamb 2 with the speech therapist. They might be more helpful if I talk to them in person instead of over the phone and if they are already working with Lamb 3. Lamb 2 will continue his speech where he goes currently unless things work out with the public school. I'm just thankful that we only have to pay for one child to attend speech.

I know this will increase my chauffeur duties-piano for Lamb 1, Lamb 2 will begin piano in January too, speech for Lamb 2, now speech for Lamb 3, and preschool for Lamb 3-but I'm glad the Lambs that need speech will be able to get therapy.

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