Friday, December 21, 2012

New furniture

Last year for my birthday, we had just moved into the rental house. One of my presents was that I could pick something we needed after moving. Of course since we had just moved I couldn't take advantage of that right away.
We finally felt settled enough to make a decision of what we needed in November, one whole year later. We left one sofa in MN (and the vacancy pastor appreciates it) and one sofa was old so we put it in the library upstairs for the Lambs to use while they watch movies there. Ram has his chair and I have mine. The living room also has the piano. We really needed another place to sit but there wasn't room in our small living room for another sofa. We chose a loveseat to match Ram's chair.

We went to this furniture store sale and entered our name in the drawing. We won a $100 gift certificate which we used on this loveseat. It came with a scratch on the back that is barely noticeable, but they plan to repair it in a few weeks.
One of the church members gave me some lamps when she saw the colors of our new furniture. I am quite pleased with how our living room came together. The one part of our house that our realtor was worried about was the small living room. But I like that it is right off of the kitchen and I like the cozy space for our family. It is a little more difficult when we have company, but in the summer company can also go outside to the picnic table on the patio. The loveseat makes it a little easier for when we have company in the winter.
Ram and I have bought very little furniture, most of it was from my grandma or what Ram's parents no longer needed. The Lambs don't understand how exciting it is to buy something new! The Lambs have taken over the loveseat for watching movies or sitting in front of the fireplace.

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Karen said...

Congratulations on your new furniture! Buying something in your own taste is so special.