Friday, June 7, 2013

Bird houses

At the event our city put on a few days ago, the Lambs were able to build bird houses. Home Depot provided some of the tools to borrow and the bird houses to build. The Lambs had to fill out a form to get a building permit from the city. Then they built the bird houses. Then they returned to the city for approval of their building. It was all planned very well and so cute for the Lambs to go through the whole building process. All 3 Lambs want to be builders when they grow up so this was perfect for them to see how the process works. Ram helped Lamb 2 build his, I helped Lamb 3, and Lamb 1 built most of his with some help at the end from Ram because it was taking him so long as compared to the other Lambs. The hard hats were from the city, the aprons and birdhouses were from Home Depot. Lamb 1 was especially excited to put his apron in the garage by his woodworking tools for future projects. I forgot my camera so we waited until we were at home to take photos.

After we built the birdhouses the city had free hot dogs, lemonade, and popcorn. Then the boys enjoyed walking around all the tables and loading up on sticky candy like taffy and lollipops and other free things. Since Lamb 1 had his front teeth with caps removed now all 3 Lambs are allowed to have sticky candy. Lamb 1 doesn't remember ever having a sucker before now as he was 3 years old when he got caps. It was a fun evening for our family. There were people there but it wasn't nearly as crowded as I expected in our big city after it was advertised in our city water bill and signs up all around town. I don't know what we are going to do with 3 birdhouses that aren't on posts, but we'll try to figure it out.

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Karen said...

If your boys enjoyed the wood working project, Home Depot usually offers a free project each month for children. My girls have been making them for about 18 months and each project has been different.