Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vote for Harrison!

Before the last LCMS Synodical President election, I blogged this. That ended up being posted here.
This year Ram is not a delegate to Synodical Convention. I wasn't planning on blogging about LCMS politics again. I was content to continue my important every day tasks of being a LCMS wife, mother, and homeschool teacher.
Then this past weekend my dad forwarded an e-mail to me from a lay delegate that wisely e-mailed LCMS friends and clergy and asked for their advice on whom to vote for in the Synodical President election.
When I received that e-mail I responded with an e-mail that was probably much more information than he expected or wanted. I had to try to convince this delegate to vote for Harrison. That got me to thinking that there are probably more candidates like him that would like advice on whom to vote for.
So I'm going to attempt to blog about Harrison again over the next few days.
Delegates, you are in our prayers. Don't forget to vote during the correct times. Vote for Harrison. Check back here over the next few days for more about Harrison.

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