Sunday, June 16, 2013

Greece and Rome Festival

A few weeks ago a group in the area sponsored a Greece and Rome Festival. This was the perfect way to have fun while we learned a little more about what we studied in history this year. It meant that we missed a day of speech therapy for Lamb 2, but all the Lambs had a good time and asked if we can go again next year. I don't know if they do this every year but we'll find out. This was such a good idea and so well planned, I wish that our school would have thought of this when I was teaching at a classical Lutheran school.
Lamb 2 at Discus throwing

Lamb 1 as Zeus

Lamb 1 and 2 at chariot racing

Lamb 1 relay races

Lamb 2 long jump

Lamb 1 with his Greek money

You had to pay for snacks with Greek money

In line for flatbread with honey or hummus and grape juice.

Lamb 3 Roman numeral toss-kids had to add up own scores.

Lamb 2 javelin

Lamb 1 with his laurel wreath

Lamb 2 with his laurel wreath

The Greece and Rome festival was really designed for school age children. At the end we let Lamb 3 play on the playground because he wasn't allowed to do all the events. It was a hot day and we all got sunburned. 

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