Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Play Kitchen

The play kitchen was a popular toy when we lived in MN. Since we moved here it was rarely played with. For a few months I put it in our entryway hoping that when other children came to our house they would all play with it. It didn't get used much more there. Lamb 3 enjoys playing with the toy grill so we kept that and some of the play food. I snapped a few photos of the Lambs before we sold the play kitchen and some of the play dishes. Some of the Lambs cooperated with photos more than other Lambs...

If your children are still the right age for a play kitchen, I would recommend keeping it near your real kitchen. I know the mess they make with play food all over makes you tempted to put it in the playroom or the basement, but they want to cook when and where you cook. Time will fly by and they will be cooking in the real kitchen before you know it.
And now our play kitchen is in our memories and photos... and Lamb 3 isn't part of most of those memories and photos so I'll have to take pictures of him the next time he "grills out".

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Anonymous said...

This is so timely. I just pulled our play kitchen out of the basement and got it all cleaned up and stocked for our little granddaughter. Ours is a wooden kitchen (without all the recent conveniences). It's a sentimental favorite though as my Dad made it for our daughters as a replica of the one he made for me when I was little. Now to find the little apron that Grandma made to go with it. I enjoy your posts.