Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vote for Harrison, part 3!

It has taken me 3 days to say what I want to say about Rev. Harrison. If you haven't read the past 2 days of my blog, go back and read those now.
Even if I try to take out my bias because Rev. Harrison is my former pastor, I still say vote for Harrison. I believe just like the U.S. President, his first term is just the beginning. Harrison and his staff had a ton of work to do to implement all the changes made to Synod at the last convention. But now that the staff has done all that work to change the structure of Synod, if he is reelected, his next term can work harder on other things especially to get his Witness Mercy Life Together plans going better. 
One thing I really like about Harrison is that in addition to being Synod President he is also an assistant pastor at one of the St. Louis churches- he is still making shut in calls, leading Bible study and preaching there occasionally. I think this is so important for both the church and Pastor Harrison and his family. He is not just stuck in an office and occasionally gets out of the office for big Synod events. I think this keeps him grounded in what is important to LCMS people. 
This is an important time in the life of LCMS. I believe Rev. Harrison should have a chance to continue doing work as LCMS Synodical President.

I will be praying for the clergy and lay delegates that are voting. VOTE FOR HARRISON!

Rev. Harrison, his family, and the staff at the Synodical office remain in my prayers too.

*All views and opinions blogged at over the past few days are proudly expressed by Ewe.

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