Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Camping in the back yard

One of Lamb 2's birthday presents was for the whole family, a tent. The Lambs insisted grandpa put it up in the backyard right away. The spent most of the afternoon playing in the tent and brought all kinds of toys and books and "camping necessities" out there. We told them they could bring their clean clothes inside and didn't need to bring them to the tent when it was in the backyard.
They were determined to sleep out there the first night they had a tent. We allowed them to. Lamb 2 didn't listen and wore a tank top. Lamb 3 wouldn't get inside his sleeping bag, just on top of it. So two mean parents made the decision to bring them all inside at midnight. It was 40 degrees when we made that decision. Lamb 1 could have stayed out there but we didn't think he would want to be out there by himself. Lamb 1 was angry in the morning when he woke up in his own bed. They are all young enough that they sleep right through being moved from a tent to their beds! The following day we took the tent down so Ram could mow the lawn. The Lambs sure enjoyed two days of playing in the tent!

We had planned on participating in National Backyard Campout Day, but I don't like the idea of camping out on a night before church, so we'll have to participate a few days before or after. I think I will love camping this way-we can make all our favorite foods and cook them on our grill, eat at the picnic table on our patio, and if someone (my back?) can't make it in the tent all night our beds are upstairs waiting for us! I especially like the idea of not packing and unpacking the car for a camping trip.

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Karen said...

My children love backyard camping too. We usually set up the tent a couple of times during the summer and let them all sleep out there. Madelyn wants to sleep in the tent for a month this summer, but I don't think I want all the dead grass.