Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Natural" Winner

We tried a new chiropractor and she had a drawing in May that mothers (or women) could enter each time they visited her office. I put my name in twice. I'm not sure if she had one winner at each of her two office locations, or just one winner. But I won one basket! It had natural body products-soap, shower gel, bath salts, etc.
Yesterday we went to an event our city put on. I thought the boys would enjoy seeing the trash truck and other big machines from our city, but they were too old for that. I filled out a survey of how the event went so that I could enter a drawing. I was hoping to win a tote bag to give as a gift. I won a basket of natural cleaning products. Almost everything in this basket is used regularly at our house and the other supplies are used occasionally. The caddy and extra spray bottle may help me to get all my cleaning supplies organized too!

Dishwasher soap, Super Washing Soda (to make homemade laundry soap), vinegar, and baking soda are used regularly. Murphy's oil soap, all purpose cleaner are used occasionally.

Ram was kind enough to go pick all this up for me so I didn't have to fight traffic or find a parking space downtown. It was fun to get all this in the same week!

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