Saturday, May 31, 2014


When Lamb 3 was a baby I had a conversation with a Looper where she predicted in a few years our lives would be full of activities for our 3 Lambs just as she was busy with 5 kids. We lived in rural MN and besides piano lessons I couldn't imagine what else would be added to our schedule if we remained homeschooling there.

Fast forward 5 years later and we live in a city, even the state capital. There are so many activities that are necessary (therapy for Lamb 2), that I want them to participate in (track and piano), and fun (small field trips). Compared to a lot of students (both homeschool and in school) our Lambs don't do very many activities. The only sport they have done long term is track. They are not in Boy Scouts. Our church does activities, but not a lot.

About a month ago Ram's parents visited Ram's grandma. Ram's mom took the time to look through our uploaded Snapfish photos with Grandma. I am behind uploading so she looked at most of 2013 photos. Ram's uncle was there too and commented that he couldn't believe how many activities our family did.

There really is a lot to do here. We go on field trips with either my friend Joelle and her kids or with other homeschoolers. Our family goes to events in the area. Saturday mornings the teacher store offers free crafts. Sometimes we do activities at the library although we have not committed to a weekly class. They take swim lessons every summer. They have occasionally taken a class through our city like a week long sports camp. I usually take at least a few photos at the activities we go to or the crafts they make.

So yes, what that Looper said to me a few years ago has come true. I'm not sure if would be so true if we were still in rural MN. Here it is just a 20 minute drive to most activities that the Lambs want to do. Keeping up with being a chauffeur for their activities (both necessary and fun), trying to keep some order to my house and yard, volunteering at church, and trying to spend some time with Ram and the Lambs meant that my blog has been neglected most of May. Add to that my recent work getting ready to guest post on another blog.

Lots of activities means lots of photos and things to blog about. Hopefully eventually I'll pop in here and post pictures and blog about our recent activities. Until then know that we are fine, just busy!

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