Monday, May 19, 2014


Our state has primary elections tomorrow. I spent some time on the Internet researching who we will be voting for. My head was swimming after a little while. It is no longer as simple as voting for the pro-life, pro-family candidate. Some of the races all the candidates are pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-small government. Those are my top priorities, but I'm against Affordable Care Act because it is not pro-life, but there are some good parts that should be kept. I'm against Common Core but really what is the most important is that we don't lose our homeschooling rights. Of course none of the candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction talk about that. I'm against raising the gas tax as I feel we pay so many taxes here (even sales tax on food!) as compared to when we lived in MN and don't get even a fraction of the benefits (no speech therapy at the public school!). A huge issue here that I was not aware of when I lived in the Midwest is the use of public land and the natural resources on it. There are so many important issues that I ended up just picking one out of two that looked good in a couple of the races.

It is predicted that there will be very low voter turnout tomorrow. In a way I understand, most of the political mail we received in the last month was for county coroner. That doesn't seem like a very important election until you realize how many are running for that one office. Our city is growing like crazy which means we have more deaths which means the coroner job is bigger. We didn't receive any mail about voting for the Supreme Court seat which to me is very important. We received a lot of mail about who not to vote for governor, but very little mail of why we should vote for the other candidate. It took me about an hour to research who would be on our ballot and who I wanted to vote for. People today don't have an hour to do that.

We have a very busy day scheduled tomorrow beginning earlier than we usually have scheduled activities and going until later than we usually have activities. But I will make time in my schedule to go vote. I will take the Lambs with me to watch me vote so that they see it is important too.

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