Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Surprise for the Lambs!

Last week while Ram recovered the Lambs had to go grocery shopping and a few other errands with me. They were not too happy about that, but Ram could not watch them.
On Friday night we had an exchange to make so we went to Fred Meyer. (For my Midwest friends, it is like Meijer, but carries Kroger brands.) While we were at the customer service desk I noticed they had a drawing for kids. I put all 3 Lambs names in the bowl.
On Monday we received a phone call that Lamb 3 was a winner. I didn't even know for what we had entered our names. Each store gave away one $20 gift card and Lamb 3 won. I couldn't believe out of that whole bowl of names one of the Lambs won the one prize given away.
We went and picked up the gift card and I told the Lambs they had to share it because they had all put their name in. I offered to buy the gift card from them and they could all have the money or we could look around if there was anything to buy. After a long time in the toy section, they chose to buy Nerf guns. I was a nice Mama and paid the sales tax so they each got one. I thought they chose wisely that each Lamb got something and they almost exactly spent their gift card.
Left: Lamb 3, the winner!
Right: Lamb 2
Lamb 1

Each one shoots 3 darts at once. They can shoot 75 feet. This has made a problem because all 3 go in the same general direction, but it is difficult for the Lambs to keep track of all 3. Plus they often go over the fence of one of the neighbors. Currently each Lamb has lost one dart. I expect to be asked to make a trip to the store for them to spend their money to buy more darts soon. $20 free gift card is going to cost them $10 for more darts unless they are content to just shoot one dart at a time.

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Spice of Life Mom said...

Sometimes they just have to learn the hard way. But it's hard for me to just let them learn because I think that certainly they'll learn to listen to me sometime soon!