Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Surprises for Ewe

Ram had some minor surgery on Monday and is recovering at home this week. This has meant that I have done all my normal work as a SAHM plus all the little things Ram normally does to help like take out the trash. Last night I was up late trying to catch up on dishes. I heard a noise upstairs and I should have gone to check it out but I didn't.

Before the Lambs went to bed I put a load of colors in the dryer and a load of whites in the washer. When I went upstairs about 11pm I noticed the dryer was open. I wondered if perhaps one of the Lambs thought the dryer was too loud and opened it so they could go to sleep. Then I saw the door to the dryer and the floor were all wet. Our laundry room is next to the bathroom. I'll let you fill in the blanks of what happened. When I told my friend, Joelle, about it she said she had heard of boys that lifted up a couch cushion and went there. Ram told me to be thankful it was just wet and not more.

I do not know which Lamb did it since they were all asleep when I did come upstairs. I used vinegar on the dryer and the floor. Then I put the whites in the dryer and stuck the colors back in the washer. The clothes didn't look wet, but I wanted to be safe on this one.

It took a little while to clean all that up and I finally got to bed a little before midnight. I heard a car alarm and thought someone hit the wrong button and didn't get up and check it out.

This morning I got up and checked e-mail and had a message that our neighborhood had some recent car break-ins and we should be careful. I helped the Lambs with school. I decided to quick check e-mail and then jump in the shower before lunch. I was looking into Lamb 1 taking a science class next year and was chatting with a customer service representative about how to sign up when the door bell rang. Ram is recovering so he couldn't answer the door and the Lambs were upstairs. I was so surprised that it was my neighbor man, not a delivery.

The neighbor was coming to tell me what happened last night. That car alarm-someone broke into a car parked directly across the street from our house and stole something. My first thought was that I was still in my pajamas and I was talking to the neighbor man! My second thought was that our car has been parked outside for the past week while we waited for the paint to dry on the train table in the garage. My third thought was that if anyone tried to steal from our car, the only thing in the center console is Bibles! I asked the man if he was going to be home for a little while so I could get dressed and then if he would help me lift the train table. I quickly got dressed and had the Lambs hurry to help me clean up the tools and supplies by the train table. He came over and helped me lift the table so I could park both cars in the garage. I did not get a shower but had enough time to make and eat lunch before it was time to be chauffeur for the Lambs.

I feel like I put out one fire after another last night and today. From a wet dryer to moving the train table. Why does this stuff happen when Ram can't help? I'm a little afraid of what might happen in the next few days before Ram returns to work.

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