Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wooden spoons

One of my friends got married while we were in college and commuted from Milwaukee for her final year of college. I still don't know how she overloaded credits so she could graduate early, was a newlywed, student taught, and set up her home all at once that year. She was determined to cook from scratch and not ever eat a box of macaroni or a frozen pizza that year to save money and eat better food. I still remember her frustration when she was so busy and she couldn't find items to set up her home. She went to several stores in Milwaukee and she couldn't find wooden spoons any where. I think she finally ended up having her mom mail her some because she couldn't find them in the stores.

Fast forward almost 20 years later. Recently I realized some of my wooden spoons are worn out. I decided to replace them. I either couldn't find them in the stores, or they were cheap made in China that I could tell would not last beyond making one recipe, or they were very expensive/fancier than a plain wooden spoon.

When we were in Tuesday Morning yesterday, Ram's mom asked me if I needed new linens or soap. While we were there she offered to buy me something if I needed it. I turned her down on both of those as we didn't need those, but I asked for wooden spoons. I expected to get a small set of 2 or 3 and get stocked up again. Instead they had a set of 14 bamboo ones. So she bought me a very nice set because that is what they had.

I would say that I have a lifetime supply now, but I know how we go through household items here and I'll just say I'm very well stocked on wooden spoons now. I came home and threw out the old ones, which are probably from when I bought my first house in 1998. I only use wooden spoons for cooking, I don't even use wooden spoons for discipline like Dr. Dobson recommends! 

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Melrose said...

:) love the simple awesome wooden spoons!