Saturday, May 17, 2014

End of school year update

*Lamb 1 has 10 more math lessons before he finishes his math book. I am going to allow him to take a summer break from school work and piano lessons. He is looking forward to a summer break.
*Lamb 2 needs to continue school work and piano lessons this summer or he will forget what he learned this year. We will be a more easy on bookwork but I also hope he can read simple books by the end of the summer. He is highly motivated to learn to read.
*While I'm working with Lamb 2, I'll work with Lamb 3 too. He has half of his math book that I would like him to complete this summer. I also hope he can read simple books by the end of the summer. We have focused on Lamb 2 so much this school year that Lamb 3 got behind where he is capable of being. He would love to learn to read too.
*I signed up Lamb 1 to take a science course in 2015-2016 school year. It was half price if I registered now. I debated having him take it next year for a small discount if I signed up now or a bigger discount if we waited. It is crazy to be planning that far in advance! By then Lamb 1 will be in 6th grade and I think he will love 2 days of science labs.
*I registered for the ID Christian homeschool conference. I have never attended a homeschool conference because we lived so far away from the MN homeschool conference and it hasn't worked with our schedule since we moved here. I am only going to be able to attend one day because we have a wedding reception the second day. I still think it was worth the registration cost. I am looking forward to it but I know it will be a busy couple of days.

*Ram is doing better after his week recovery after minor surgery. He was a good patient and rested/read books all week. He plans to preach and do Sunday morning tomorrow and be back to work next week. He still can't lift things so we'll ask some men from church to come over tomorrow to help us bring the train table upstairs now that the paint is dry.
*Next week is very busy. The Lambs have dentist appointments. Lamb 1 and 2 have a piano recital. Track meets on 2 days to end track for this spring. Our church preschool has their annual picnic after preschool graduation. Ram is back to his regular work schedule. We are back to our normal routine of therapy, piano lessons, and track practice.
*Next weekend we have been invited to several parties for graduations, one birthday, and  it is also Lamb 2's birthday. I am glad Ram's parents celebrated with us earlier in the month because I don't know how we would fit them in next weekend.
*I did not sign the Lambs up for swim lessons for the first session in June like we did the past couple of years. They will take a later session. I am looking forward to a couple of weeks break after a busy May before summer activities begin.

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Joelle said...

I signed the kids up for lessons at the city pool for the end of July session. Beginning of June often wouldn't work well for us because A is cold in the water even when it is hot out! Sometimes it has been in the 50s here in early June. T would have probably been fine, but not A. Is that where you have done lessons?