Friday, May 9, 2014

Moms' Night Out

Grab a couple of your girlfriends, get a babysitter or ask your husband to watch the kids,  and GO SEE THIS MOVIE! I went tonight and I laughed more than I ever remember laughing in a movie. You will especially like this movie if you are a mom, pastor's wife, OR a homeschooler but even if you are none of those it is a great comedy.

I had watched a video by the director and I was a little afraid this movie was going to be stupid. I did like what he had to say about his mom that homeschooled him which made me want to see the movie. It was so refreshing to see a movie that says "Thank you, Jesus" in reverence. This movie is getting bad reviews because they say there is not much of a plot. That is what I liked about this movie-it is so much like my every day life which would seem boring to Hollywood. Hollywood-there really are some of us left that are SAHM! Hollywood-don't forget that those moms that work outside the home take care of their children on the hours they are not at their paid job and even when they are at their paid job they care about their children. The movie showed both mothers with teenagers and mothers with little ones too. Whether you are a mom of a 2 year old or a 16 year old and whether you work outside the home or not, all moms work hard in their vocation as a mother.

Without spoiling the plot of the movie, I thought the overall message was one that moms need to be reminded of frequently. I didn't see anything wrong with the theology in this movie, but as Lutherans we would go farther than the movie went. It's true that God loves us, but moms also need the reminder that both their children and the moms are baptized children of God. Both moms and children are both sinner and saint at the same time and that is why we confess our sins and they are all forgiven. When we partake of the Lord's body and blood we get strength for this difficult job as a mom.

I had asked a few friends if they could go see this and no one was available to go to a matinee this afternoon. I wanted to go today because I don't know how long this movie will be in the theaters and Ram has his surgery on Monday and will be recovering next week. I felt pretty pathetic going to this movie by myself, but I did get a Mom Afternoon  Out and I saw the movie which is what counts.

I would say this is a movie to see with your girlfriends, maybe on a date, and not with the family unless you have adult children even though it is PG. Be sure to stay through the credits because the movie is concluded during the final credits. Also, take a pack of tissues because there are parts that will make you laugh so hard you cry! It is not showing in every theater, so if you can't make it to the theater be sure to host a Moms' Night Out showing when it comes out on DVD.

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