Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Non-weekend celebration

We had a terrible time fitting in our schedule when Ram's parents could visit us to celebrate Ram's birthday. Ram's dad is not retired yet so we also had to fit it in with their schedule. We ended up having them come the past few days and we celebrated Ram's birthday a little late. We also celebrated Lamb 2's birthday a little early.

Monday night we went to a fish restaurant for Lamb 2's birthday. Everyone liked it and we all ate too much. Then we unloaded all the presents and things they brought us. Tuesday afternoon we opened up all the presents as it was the only time that we were all home together between the Lambs' activities and Ram being a pastor. Ram's mom had hoped to open up Ram's presents and Lamb 2's presents on different days. It was crazy opening up all those presents at once! The Lambs were a little frustrated to open presents and not have time to play with new toys because then we were off to piano lessons and track. We all met at Tucanos for Ram's birthday supper. Lamb 3 tried a lot of new foods and we all like that restaurant.

Today Ram's parents spent all day with us. Ram's dad built a train table for Lamb 1's model train. Ewe and the Lambs took Ram's mom shopping. The Lambs convinced Grandma to buy them a toy they have been asking for when we went to Tuesday Morning. We bought some groceries and came home and made supper. Ram's dad will probably be exhausted after today. He made several trips to the hardware store to buy one more thing for the project. We always fit a lot in to the few days they visit us.

We all feel a little spoiled with our new gifts (even the non-birthday family members received nice gifts so they didn't feel left out). The Lambs are busy putting together Legos/playing with their other new toys/and playing with a new kickball. Much of what was on Lamb 2's wish list are things that Lamb 1 had but Lamb 2 did not have yet like a baseball mitt. 

Ram's mom is so good at listening and figuring out what each of us would like. As a former homeschool mom she is really good at figuring out what would be educational for  our Lambs. After raising 3 boys, she is good at knowing what our male Lambs would like. And she still knows her son and buys Ram gifts he would like.

Now Ram and Ewe have to take turns painting the train table, flipping it to the other side, sanding it, and letting it completely dry. The primer layer is half way done. We need to finish the primer layer and do 2 more coats of paint. Ram's dad did the difficult work of figuring it out, measuring, and building it. Lamb 1 is frustrated with how long this will all take, but we are telling him the patience will be worth it. When this is finished he is going to have a wonderful place for his train set.

It was strange to be having this celebration on a Wednesday. We took the Lambs shopping this afternoon while most children were in school. We are back to regular schedule tomorrow of therapy etc. but track is canceled for a few of the next practices. That is helpful in our busy schedule. Ram's minor surgery is on Monday so we're trying to complete some of these projects and yardwork before then. I need to grocery shop before then too so while he recovers I can handle being nurse, mom, cook, chauffeur, and teacher by myself for a week.

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Joelle said...

BSF just finished up yesterday so I have a lot more free time now. PLEASE let me know if you need anything next week while B is recovering. Hope you have a nice mother's day on Sunday!