Monday, August 4, 2014

Busy Summer Days

Here is what we have done the past few weeks. Hopefully eventually I'll blog and post pictures of this!

July 23: Drive to Everett, WA
July 24: Spend the day with Ewe's mom's brother
July 25: Rehearsal dinner for Ram's cousin's wedding
July 26: Ram's cousin's wedding in Anacortes, WA
July 27: Visit the best man in our wedding and his family-we hadn't seen him since our wedding day and I hadn't met his wife or children
July 28: Drive home and arrive home in time for a final VBS meeting
July 29-31: 3 days of VBS!
July 30: Host 2 Looper families from ID for dinner and 1 Looper from AR with 2 of her relatives to spend the night after dinner. It was a great ID/AR get together!
July 31: Attend an event at a local park and get to know a homeschooling family that we may do more things with this year
August 1: We thought we were going to attend a Boise Hawks game but while we were waiting in line we realized our tickets were not good on a Friday night so we went out for ice cream instead.
August 2: I scrapbooked at my friend Joelle's house for the evening.
August 3: Church and then made 2 batches of apricot jam
August 4: I picked 12 lbs of blackberries and made one batch of triple berry jam and one batch of blackberry jam.

Our August calendar is full. Lamb 2 still has therapy on 3 days of the week. Ram will officiate a wedding this weekend, the Lambs have their annual checkups, we hope to fit in another visit to Ram's parents before Labor Day, and we are trying to squeeze in visits for many of our friends to go swimming with us before our pool closes at the end of the summer. We will not go back to our full homeschool schedule until after Labor Day.

I need to finish the blackberries and apricots. I also purchased many tomatoes and peaches that will need to be dealt with when they are ripe. I need to organize all the VBS craft stuff. I've been getting to bed late, but feeling productive. Before yesterday I had not made one jar of jam this year and now I have almost 4 dozen jars. There is always more to do, but I can see progress.

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