Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photography Lessons

We talked to the Lambs several times in the past few weeks about the professional photographer coming to Grandpa and Grandma's house to take family pictures. The photographer did a great job of letting them throw rocks in the river, then take a few posed pictures, then take individual pictures of the Lambs, then a few more posed pictures. I don't know what got in to them, but they only cooperated for their individual pictures. Lamb 2 was especially in a bad mood, but all 3 weren't very fast following the photographer directions. I think we just tried to fit too much into last week and weekend and they were tired.
We reminded them about why we were having our pictures taken; reminded them that the faster they cooperated the faster photos would be done, etc. Grandpa offered to let the Lambs use his camera to take their own photos after the photographer left if they would cooperate. Ram and Ewe took them aside and talked to them. Nothing seemed to work until one of the Lambs suggested that Grandpa and Grandma's kitten should be in the photos. Grandpa agreed that if they would cooperate for some nice family photos then we would try to get the kitten in the photos. We made clear that they had to cooperate quickly because the kitten can't follow directions like they can. We finally were able to get a few good pictures and then we took some with the kitten.
Grandpa had offered to let the Lambs use his camera so after the photographer left they all took a turn. Here are the photos that they took in Grandpa and Grandma's back yard.

Lamb 1 8-11-14

Lamb 2 8-11-14
I think I need to frame Lamb 2's photo it is so beautiful! 
Lamb 3 8-11-14
Photo of Pi-rho on a chair inside.

I am going to get prints made with my monthly free prints from Snapfish for them to have a copy. Perhaps I will order a bigger print and frame them for the Lambs as a Christmas present.

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