Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lamb 2's annual checkup

First the stats:
8 years 3 months old
BP 108/61
Pulse 71
Height 4 feet 7 inches 77 percentile
Weight 60.2 58 percentile
BMI 34%

After discussing with our doctor, we think it would be best for Lamb 2 to have the surgery to shrink his turbinates and remove his adenoids. There is really no hurry to have this done, he can remain on Flonase until he has surgery. We have some decisions to make because we would like him to complete vision therapy before he has surgery because we expect 8 weeks of recovery. We have met our deductible so it would be nice to do it this calendar year. We honestly don't know how this is all going to work out and are leaving it in the Lord's hands. I'll blog about this more as we know more.

We also discussed with our doctor that Lamb 2 is a completely different child than he was last summer and we attribute that change to vision therapy. We are so thankful he was able to do vision therapy and it has helped all kinds of areas of his life besides just vision.

Ever since Lamb 2 was a baby we have had a problem with doctors and WIC nurses in MN because Lamb 2 received one of his vaccinations a few days early that was supposed to be given 6 months apart. When we lived in MN we traveled 1 1/2 hours to the doctor so I'm sure the appointment was made when we could fit in the schedule and they didn't think about the vaccination. Thankfully our doctor here recognized that he had his vaccinations but the computer doesn't say it is valid because it wasn't technically 6 months between. Lamb 2 did not need any vaccinations at this appointment. I blog all this to encourage new parents to keep tabs on this and not just expect your doctor to keep track of all that. Especially if you end up moving or changing doctors this becomes even more important.

When I look at Lamb 1 and 2's stats together, now I see why Lamb 1 and 2 wear the same shoe size and why we are often asked if they are twins! Lamb 2's stats reflect that he will eat anything and is not a picky eater. It also shows that he has strengthened his muscles at occupational therapy.

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