Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lamb 3 Annual Checkup

6 years 4 months old
BP: 106/59
Pulse: 103
Height: 3 feet 8.5 inches 16 percentile
Weight: 40.6 10 percentile
BMI 19%

When Lamb 3 was less than one hour old the nurse told me that they were going to give him the Hep B shot. I told her she was not going to give my baby any shots in the hospital! This began an ordeal that I never imagined-the Dr. had to record me and I had to sign all kinds of papers that I refused his shots in the hospital. At Lamb 3's 2 week checkup our pediatrician was out of the office that day and we saw a different doctor. I refused the shot then because I insisted we talk to our pediatrician. At Lamb 3's 6 week checkup I was so surprised that our pediatrician admitted that the rules had changed since Lamb 2 was born and that Lamb 3 did not NEED a Hep B shot but that was the new rule. So I refused the Hep B shot every doctor's visit since then. Yesterday the nurse called before Lamb 3's appointment and told me their records must be wrong because Lamb 3 did not have a Hep B shot in their records. She was surprised when I told her that no, their records were correct, he had never received the Hep B shot.

I thought about it and decided this would be a good time for Lamb 3 to receive the Hep B shot. He is healthy now and we don't have anything big planned soon that it would be bad to feel crummy from shots now. He isn't scheduled to get any other shots now. If he went to public school he would have needed this last year. I don't have a problem with him receiving it now, I do have a problem with a one hour old baby receiving a shot. So Lamb 3 received his first dose yesterday and we will return for the next doses in the next few months. Hopefully this will help future doctor visits when their records are up to date too.

I had another concern about Lamb 3 but the doctor said it was nothing to worry about, to be happy that he is healthy.

Lamb 3 is a very picky eater, he will eat an entire bowl of black bean dip by himself but refuses a lot of foods that most kids like. He is 6 years old but he eats like a toddler. If he likes the meal he has seconds and sometimes even thirds and fourths. If he doesn't like the meal he takes one bite and waits until the next meal to eat again. He picks and eats the meat out of main dishes and leaves the pasta and veggies on his plate. He likes bananas, sweet potatoes, oranges, apples, and avocados. There are not many other fruits or veggies that he will eat. This summer he began trying fruits and vegetables when they were served. While we lived in MN, Lamb 3 was never on the chart for weight. So I was very pleased that he was not only on the chart, but he is at the 10th percentile. I did notice that Lamb 3 is a lot taller recently. I did not expect Lamb 3's BMI to be healthy weight and Lamb 1's BMI to be underweight.

After the doctor's visit, Ram removed the back of Lamb 3's car seat since he is over 40 lbs. I bet I'm one of only a few parents that my son was 6 years old before he was 40 lbs. Lamb 3 was so proud because he received a shot and didn't cry and because he sits in a car seat like his brothers now. Now we wait for Lamb 1 and 2 to gain a couple more inches so they can get out of their booster seats.

We are done with the Lambs annual checkups for this year. Ram and Ewe have their annual checkups scheduled for November. Has everyone in your family had their annual checkups this year?

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