Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lamb 1's annual checkup

The Lambs have several doctor appointments this week. Public school began here yesterday so homeschoolers can easily get into doctors! I am glad to get these appointments out of the way before we begin school next week.

Lamb 1's annual physical was today. Here are his stats:
10 year 5 months old
BP 102/61
Pulse 75
Height 4 ft. 7 in. 46 percentile
Weight 60.8 10 percentile
BMI 2%

Lamb 1 needed another Hep A shot. I think something got confused in his records when we moved from MN to ID and I think he had it in MN. We let him get it again as we do want him to have that shot. Next year he will be due for more shots. It seems like just a few years ago that we told him he was done with shots for several years and now that time has come.

The Dr. examined him and looked at his wrist that he sprained last week. We had a couple of questions for the doctor about Lamb 1. The first she was not concerned with, the second she wants to refer him to another doctor. We figured we may as well do this now while we have met our deductible this year.

Ram and I have doctor appointments down now. I write a report of what my concerns for each Lamb are for the doctor. I stay home with the other Lambs while Ram takes each Lamb in for his appointment. I usually have lots of questions for the doctor but the Lambs do better at the appointment with Ram than they do with me. So this works well for us. I don't know what the doctor thinks about a report for each Lamb!

Our family takes annual checkups seriously for a couple of reasons. First, Ram's mass on his kidney was found when his blood work from his annual checkup was abnormal. Second, since we homeschool I feel annual checkups are important for the Lambs. They don't have the vision and hearing and other tests that a school nurse usually does. I also appreciate asking a doctor some of my concerns since I am both parent and teacher.

One Lamb checkup done, two Lamb checkups to go!

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