Saturday, August 16, 2014

Buying fabric

One part of where we lived in MN that I miss was the fabric store about 1 1/2 hours away. We have several different fabric stores here, but that store had really cute material and good prices.
Our LWML met on Thursday and everyone was supposed to bring something they had made for the bazaar or a pattern/idea of something we could sell at the bazaar. Nearly everyone that brought something made out of fabric had purchased the material at Hobby Lobby.
I had never purchased material at Hobby Lobby, I don't think I had even browsed that section before. I decided to check it out since all the ladies at church so highly recommended it. Their material is always 30% off. I noticed most of their prices of what I looked at were 6.99 or 7.99 so 30% off of that. Recently I've bought most of my material at JoAnn with 40% off coupon. I think JoAnn's prices are higher than Hobby Lobby so it comes out about the same. Not only do I prefer to support Hobby Lobby than JoAnn, but Hobby Lobby is much closer to my house. The only bad part is both Hobby Lobby and JoAnn have long lines when it is time to pay for your purchase. But usually JoAnn has a longer wait time to cut your fabric so Hobby Lobby saves time there.
When I was pregnant with Lamb 1 I purchased some Winnie the Pooh material to make quilt to hang on the wall and material to make curtains for the nursery. Yesterday Hobby Lobby had that same pattern that I bought 11 years ago in stock, plus two more similar patterns to match. I couldn't believe it wasn't discontinued and exactly like my nursery pattern. The quilt is now hanging in my bedroom because I appreciate it more than the Lambs now. I'll have to think if there is anything else I would like to make out of that material.
I have several sewing projects planned and when I get them finished I'll post pictures here.

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Anonymous said...

Our Hobby Lobby will allow you to ask the fabric clerk to list the full price on your fabric cutting ticket, then you can use your 40% off coupon instead of the 30% standard sale. I'm not sure if this is true across all stores. I keep the 40% coupon on my Iphone so I can pull it up whenever I'm in the store. Of course it has to be refreshed each week.