Monday, August 25, 2014

Proof that the Lambs had a good end of summer vacation!

On Wednesday we had some friends scheduled to go swimming with us at our pool in our subdivision. We have had friends over before and usually they stay a couple hours and then go home. This time we met at 1pm and the girls and moms swam for several hours. The boys used empty water bottles to catch wasps most of that time. They had a great time being boys.

About 4pm I invited them back to our house to take showers and have a snack at our house. The moms began talking and the kids were playing and soon it was supper time. I asked Ram to run to the store for a few groceries so we could feed everyone. The other mom said she had already thawed out meat and we should just go to her house to eat. So we did.

After looking at her garden and helping her pick some veggies from her garden we decided to build a fire in their fire pit. We built the fire and made s'mores. About 10pm her children started asking if they could go to bed, they were tired after a whole day of playing. The adults stayed to make sure the fire was out and continued talking. Finally after 11pm we left their house. I'm not sure who had more fun, the moms or the kids. Sometimes unscheduled, spontaneous days like this turn out better than planning ahead.

The picture above is what my laundry room looked like at bedtime on Wednesday. I was pretty caught up on laundry before they came. Then we had swimming clothes and everyone took showers so lots of towels plus regular clothes we wore that day. It was so worth extra laundry that day!

God had really good timing to send this family to be our friends. I was depressed that I couldn't attend the He Remembers the Barren Retreat this year-both because we couldn't afford for me to travel to St. Louis and because I needed to be here for Lamb 2's therapy. We did this right before the He Remembers the Barren Retreat. Also, Lamb 1 has been praying for friends that are boys his age and this family has a boy Lamb 1's age. This boy just completed vision therapy so Lamb 2 has that in common with him. This family also has 3 girls and I love that my boys spent all day around girls since we don't have that at our house. And they love that their son can play with our Lambs since he is the only boy in their family.

It was amazing how much the other mom and I had in common too. We are about the same height, with the same hair color. She was thrilled to hear I make my own kombucha and wants a kombucha mushroom from me. We both homeschool and we both are SAHM and neither of us desire to go back to work for what our degrees are for unless we have to. Our bookshelves look similar. She borrowed a couple of books from us. Although they are not LCMS, they are Christian and their church desires to teach the faith to their children and they are very involved in their church. She wanted to share her garden bounty with me but she didn't know if I would be interested in so much produce. She didn't know that I will always find something to use garden produce!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with pressure to impress or be anything except what you and your family are. May you have many more fun times together.