Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Busy Summer Days

August 5: Lamb 2 vision therapy, Lamb 2 piano lessons, made blackberry jam, Ram went to the doctor and was allowed to take off his special shoe from injuring his foot last month, National Night Out potluck and pool party in our neighborhood. The Lambs decorated their bikes and scooters for the neighborhood parade and I made cupcakes for the potluck.
August 6: Took Lambs to lunch in the park, made blackberry jam, Lamb 2 Vision therapy.
August 7: Took Lambs to lunch in the park, Ram went out with the area pastors and a few lay people in the evening, did some shopping, Lamb 2 Occupational Therapy, made apricot cobbler to finish apricots.
August 8: Ram took Lambs to last lunch in the park this year, wedding rehearsal at church and our whole family went to the rehearsal dinner, got ready and froze 25 lbs of tomatoes.
August 9: Wedding at church and also went to wedding reception. My parents 45th wedding anniversary! Packed to go to Ram's parents, made peach jam, got some peaches ready to freeze.
August 10: Church, Lamb 2 was acolyte, Voter's Meeting at church, drove to Ram's parents, attended Sun Valley Symphony Concert.

August 11: Professional photographs taken in Ram's parents backyard, visited and stayed at their house until late afternoon and then drove home.
August 12: Lamb 2 vision therapy, grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, and all that goes with being away a few days. Made Paleo fish and sweet potato fries for supper. Took Lambs out for ice cream to thank them for behaving on the drive home yesterday after a busy long weekend.

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