Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bone broth

A few weeks ago lamb chops were on sale just a little more than the price I would pay for hamburger. I bought a few and stuck them in the freezer.

This weekend we had time to thaw and marinate the lamb and make our favorite recipe with it. As I was trimming the meat off the bones some meat close to the bone wouldn't come off. I couldn't just waste that meat.

So I stuck the bones and some water and some apple cider vinegar in the crockpot on low for a couple of days. Tonight I put the broth through a strainer to remove the bones. The whole process only took a few minutes to prepare it and then to strain it.

I am left with some really nice broth. Ram and Lamb 2 have been fighting colds and sore throats so they will appreciate this even more.

My MIL paid a lot of money to buy bones for making bone broth. My boys fought over the leftovers when we visited one time. This only made a very small batch. I don't think the bone broth recipe meant lamb chop bones. But this is my frugal way of making broth and I don't think Ram or the Lambs will complain.

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Jody said...

I really like doing the same thing with my roast chicken carcasses. When I'm too busy to get this done, I feel like I'm wasting money. It is so good.