Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cross Country Meet

Lamb 1 had his final cross country meet yesterday. This was at a different location than he had practice. For the first meet he ran a 4K that was not as challenging of a course but he was familiar with the course from practice. For this meet he chose to run a 3K but afterwards said it was not as difficult of a course as he thought it would be.
Lamb 1 during the 3K. I was concerned because he usually runs with someone but he was running all by himself.

After Lamb 1's race we had a long time to wait before awards. So the Lambs explored the area. In this picture Lamb 1 is first, then Lamb 2, and finally Lamb 3.

They made it to the top! I was so thankful for my new camera lens which ended up being a binoculars to watch them and also take pictures.

Exploring some more.

Here's where they explored! And all this exploring was after Lamb 1 ran the 3K!

Lamb 2 and 3 found some leaves.

It was worth staying for awards because Lamb 1 got 2nd place for his age group of 9-10 year old boys. I was really surprised.
His time for the 3K was 15:03:41.

I took a picture in the minivan of the temperature on the way home. It was up to 55 F on the way home. It was 46 F before Lamb 1's race began. I was glad to get home and have a cup of hot tea!

All 3 Lambs are looking forward to track season in the spring. We'll see who ends up participating but I would love it if all 3 participated so I could read a book during practice. Plus the third child is cheaper to participate than the first two!

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