Sunday, October 12, 2014

Family Night

This afternoon we planted our free tree from the power company. It was sort of a family activity. The Lambs got tired of the whole process and went in to watch football while Ram and Ewe finished.

Tonight after supper we went to Barnes and Noble. Our local store is having Educator Week and I assume it is all B&N, but you should check on that. We had a couple of gift cards with a few dollars on each. Ram picked out two books he wanted but had to put one back due to not enough money on the gift cards. It was 25% off books and music etc. for educators.

We then went over to the cafe and I had received an e-mail that it was 10% off cafe purchases. Neither the gal running the cafe or the manager had any idea what I was talking about. Thankfully I had printed out the message and showed them. We all got a drink at the cafe for 10% off and I used the rest of our gift card. Total for all our drinks after that was about $10 which was not bad for 5 drinks. The manager was glad to see my print out so they can give 10% off the rest of this week.

Then our whole family went and picked up a few items at two different grocery stores. I thought I was done grocery shopping this weekend but I was asked to bring a specific item for the kitchen for our bazaar and we used some stuff from our pantry due to the sore throats in our house last week. We don't often take the whole family to the grocery store but we just needed a few items. The Lambs helped and we stuck to our list.

Now we are back to regular schedule with a busy week planned. Hopefully we all remain healthy now. I'm hoping on Friday to get apples and pumpkins. There are just 3 weeks until our bazaar at church and I still have lots of craft and baking projects to complete before then. The local schools had a long weekend but I told the Lambs they will get their fall break the few days before the bazaar.

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