Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ewe's Random Thoughts Today

1. When I took Lamb 2 to therapy yesterday I noticed that the local newspaper was printed on pink paper in honor of breast cancer awareness. The front page story was about same sex marriage.
2. My hometown is known as the city of churches but there are a lot of businesses and restaurants there that are not respectful of women. One of these local restaurants closed here in Boise. There are still a few of these restaurants and businesses here, but no where near the number in my hometown. Guess what they are building in the spot of that closed restaurant here? Chick-Fil-A. Hooray for another Chick-Fil-A!
3. Ram went to the doctor today because his throat is still scratchy. Neither one of us are very good about knowing when we are sick enough to need to go to the doctor. We figured this has gone on long enough that it was time to go. A pastor needs to sound healthy and be able to talk! Of course it was no antibiotics needed, just keep doing the home remedies that he has been doing. I'm still glad he went so we know he doesn't have something contagious.
4. We have been reading aloud a lot of different kinds of books recently. With Ram's sore throat Ewe has been doing all the reading. I plan to blog about some of the books we have recently read.
5. I was feeling guilty that Lamb 1 is in 5th grade and we haven't done any formal grammar study. That is the subject that has been put off during Lamb 2's therapy. I decided to read some books about each part of speech to begin. I picked up A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink-What is a Noun? by Brian Cleary. The Lambs told me they already knew what a noun was and we didn't need to read the book. How did they know what a noun was? From watching Martha Speaks on PBS. We read the book but as they said they all already knew what a noun was. I'm not nearly as worried about Lamb 1 taking his first standardized test in the spring as I was before. Between the Lambs watching Wild Kratts (Science), Cyberchase (Math and Logic), Martha Speaks (Grammar and vocabulary), and Curious George (STEM? sort of a hodgepodge of topics) I think he'll do fine. Yes, the mom the gave up TV for a few years is saying this!

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