Saturday, October 4, 2014

So nice...

Ram took Lamb 1 to a Cub Scout activity this afternoon. Our minivan is still in the shop so I didn't have a car. Lamb 2 has a runny nose that I think is allergies but I'm not sure. So I was forced to stay home and stay inside today with Lamb 2 and 3.

I got so much done! So many little projects that have been sitting here wanting my attention. Sorted stuff to give away and next week I will deliver that stuff. Packed up two boxes to mail on Monday. Got more ready to mail when I have more flat rate USPS boxes. Did a lot of laundry and dishes. Shredded and froze 3 huge zucchini. Mended some master bed sheets and a pair of my jeans. (Still have a lot more mending to do including a lot of twin bed sheets.-Why does everything wear out at the same time?) Made supper (Glenda's recipe with lamb/veggies/tzatziki).

I'm looking at the calendar and we have several Saturdays with Cub Scout activities scheduled. I'm thinking it would be good for us if I stayed home with Lamb 2 and 3 on these days. We are continually running during the week to therapy and activities. It is really nice to not be running on Saturday too. It's good for us to have a nice supper together when Lamb 1 gets home. It was good to use stuff from the freezer and pantry to make supper. Lamb 2 and 3 enjoyed staying home and playing together too.

Hopefully tomorrow our family can get outside and do some yardwork. Ram mowed the grass but I have some bulbs to plant and we need to do some other yardwork too.

Now I'm going to take a hot bath for a perfect ending to my day.

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Kristen @ Joyfully Thriving said...

I love productive days like this! I'm working on having a day like that today. Nathan & I went grocery shopping after church, and I unpacked fall decorations as he napped. There's lots more to do, but I'm crossing things off my list, which always makes me happy!