Thursday, October 16, 2014

One lesson I think you should teach your daughter...

When the girls came to my house for a tea party, I had made some of the food before they came. I made small plain scones. I bought lemon curd and other toppings such as Nutella and cream cheese. I opened a jar of homemade jam. I figured they could all choose what they liked and have several scones with different toppings since they were small.

I had planned to make mock clotted cream but at the last minute I decided to just have the girls make regular whipped cream and keep it simpler. It turned out that none of them had ever made whipped cream before. Even knowing that we only have whipped cream as a very special dessert, I was shocked that they hadn't even watched whipped cream being made before. I was so glad I chose to have them make whipped cream.

It ended up that they were so fascinated with the whipped cream that I didn't care that the 5 year old licked the beaters right there and they all tried some whipped cream from the bowl with their fingers. Hey, their fingers were clean for them to cook!

If you have a daughter, please show her how to make whipped cream for a special holiday or special occasion! We don't have dairy often, but my Lambs have watched me make whipped cream before. Lamb 1 won't eat it, but he knows how to make it.

I taught this important lesson to these four girls. Now they know so it is one less thing for their moms to teach them. And we really enjoyed our scones with toppings and real whipped cream.

(Note in case you don't know how-Whip heavy cream on high speed in mixer until peaks form, add sugar or honey, and vanilla. It is recommended to chill the bowl and beaters but when making regular whipped cream I don't and it still works. I do need to chill the bowl when I make whipped cream out of coconut milk though.

Second note-Even though I was surprised that they didn't know how to make whipped cream, I do get that most Americans just use Cool Whip or Reddi-wip. When I was little my Aunt Pauline would make homemade pie and whipped cream and I preferred Cool Whip then. But then I grew up and tried whipped cream and will never go back to Cool Whip unless it is the only topping offered. Add in that we had to eat non-dairy and non-soy for a few years for Lamb 1 which meant no Cool Whip or real whipped cream, and I'm going to choose real whipped cream or coconut milk whipped cream now.

Third note-I realize there are more important lessons to teach your daughters, and I'm not criticizing their moms. Also I realize they are still young and just beginning to learn to cook.)

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