Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our Weekend

Friday we went to an apple orchard and picked a bunch of apples. The first orchard was free all you can eat in the orchard and I'm not sure if the Lambs ate more in the orchard or picked more to bring home. Then we went to an orchard next door to that orchard and picked even more apples for applesauce and baking.
Then we met a fellow Martin Looper and learned about essential oils and made our first purchase. It was nice to have some time to chat together.
Then we picked up new glasses for Ram and Ewe. Ewe only wears hers for night time driving. Ram looks really different, I'll post pictures soon.
On Friday we also received a phone call that Lamb 2 won a $100 savings bond from a local garden center. Many people attended their harvest festival the weekend before and I was shocked that one of our Lambs won.
We splurged from our diet and made homemade macaroni and cheese for supper. Yum!
After supper we went to Target and purchased the first new Halloween costumes for our 3 Lambs ever. They all have outgrown the Winnie the Pooh costumes and Lamb 1 and 2 have outgrown most of our other dress up clothes like fireman costumes. I had intended to make their costumes this year but ran out of time. I'll blog pictures at Halloween time.

Saturday Ewe ran a few errands and then Ram ran a few errands. We had our sprinklers blown out. The Lambs played outside with the neighbors ALL DAY. We got a lot of items crossed off our to do list both inside and outside our house. We had carmel apple nachos for dessert.

Sunday After church and Sunday School we went to turn in fundraiser $ for Cub Scouts. Then we went to two different Michaels in order to get some Halloween items the Lambs requested since last Halloween. I'll post pictures of that soon. The first Michaels was sold out of most Halloween stuff. Then we went to the grocery store and let the Lambs pick out pumpkins. I feel like a bad mom to not take them to a pumpkin patch but we are just too busy this time of year. We'll have to plan for it next year. The Lambs and Ram did some clean up outside before winter. It was beautiful weather today! For supper we made homemade gluten free pizza.

This week I need to work on some more crafts for our church bazaar; also can and bake with the apples we got on Friday; Ram plans to finish our car shopping; and this is the last week of cross country with a meet on Saturday. The following week I plan to do a lot of baking for our bazaar in addition to all of our Halloween activities.

Hopefully I'll blog about some of this in more detail with pictures soon. It will probably be after the bazaar so I figured I would post this fast update now.

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Kristen @ Joyfully Thriving said...

Yay for a $100 savings bond! That's VERY exciting!