Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Finally Frozen Custard!

When I was in college years ago before the area around my college was built up like today, there were no pizza places that made deliveries to our campus. It was a little drive into town to go out to eat or get a treat. One of our favorite places to go was Freddys frozen custard. My classmates and I all have memories of college tied to Freddys. Oh, my memories of flavor of the day and of their shakes! Freddys is no longer there and it was a sad day to go back and visit a few years ago and not be able to take the Lambs there. I do not think Freddys from my college town was a part of the franchise Freddy's all over the country today.

My hometown opened several frozen custard stores in the area when I was teaching. Now frozen custard is one of my parents favorite places to go for a treat or go out to eat.

Our area has a lot of frozen yogurt shops where you pay by the ounce with whatever toppings you choose.

Recently a Freddys opened here. This is the first frozen custard place in our area. We took the Lambs on the grand opening day. They didn't give anything away like Chick-Fil-A does at grand openings. But the place was packed. I did my duty and introduced the Lambs to frozen custard even though we haven't been able to take a vacation back East for a few years. They want to go back again soon! We would welcome any other frozen custard places that want to come to Idaho!

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