Sunday, February 1, 2015

Start Times

The local elementary schools don't begin school until after 9am due to the bus schedule. I was so surprised last fall when the neighbor kids came over to play with my boys at 8am on school days. I did allow it at the beginning of school because the kids get home from school so late that there isn't much time to play after school. Once the weather cooled down that morning play time stopped. I'm not sure what I will do when it warms up again because I like to get going on our school day.

Our church is at 10am with Sunday School following. Eventually we would like to add an early service but we are not there yet. We don't get out of there until after noon. I have to serve a big breakfast on Sundays before church or my boys can't make it through church.

Every day of the week we could sleep in and begin everything we do later. It is frustrating to me to not get going earlier though. It becomes a rush to get lunch on the table when everyone is starving. If we don't begin early enough, we can't finish our school work until after lunch.

It makes me want to force myself to get up early and get work done. I'm going to have to make myself a to do list to try to accomplish before going to church on Sundays so the entire morning doesn't get wasted before church. That seems wrong, we shouldn't be doing chores on the Sabbath Day. I'm not sure what the answer is for Sunday mornings until we add an early service.

The worst is when we have doctor appointments early in the morning. The nurses usually laugh when I say 9am appointments are early for me. I usually begin school in my pajamas and get dressed later in the morning during a short school break. So to be dressed and drive to the doctor in the morning is a challenge for everyone in our house.

Living here is such a contrast to living in MN. They were farmers that fought over having the early or middle service time, no one wanted late service. Here not much begins before 9am.

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Joelle said...

Since Audrey has to be up early on T and W so I can be out the door for BSF, she usually sleeps until 9 the other days. That means we often start school at 10 or 10:30. Weee! That's okay, I'll take a late start time over an overly emotional girl any day! :) Also - we love that our late service starts at 11 (although we're there by 9:45 for Sunday school). The only time we maybe make it to the 8:15 service is in the fall when the time goes back. I should say that the whole family only gets to 8:15 service once a year. I'm there once a month when it is my turn on worship team.