Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dreaming for trees

The local grocery store is having a Monopoly contest again. We tried to participate last year and the only thing we won was more Monopoly tickets. I do shop there about once a week but never spend much to get very many tickets. They just began this contest and we are trying again this year.

The Lambs were really into this contest last year and they wanted to win a backyard makeover the most. They are not offering the backyard makeover this year so they discussed what they did want to win. Lamb 2 wants to win the jet skis. They all want to win the vacation home.

I mentioned that perhaps if we won the vacation home we could buy a home in Ewe's hometown and have a place to stay when we visit her parents and eventually a place to retire. That is where we vacation the most. At first that didn't sound like a good idea to the Lambs. I asked Lamb 1 where he would buy a vacation home. He answered he wanted a home in the forest. What? He answered that he hasn't been to the forest for YEARS...

And that is what my Lambs dream of now that we have lived in the city in ID for 3 years. Boise is known as "The City of Trees". Compared to many other parts of ID we have a lot of trees. But compared to my Midwestern home, we don't have that many trees. Our home came with 2 young trees and we have planted 4 more young trees in our yard.

When I told this to Ram he questioned what they thought about all the trees in his parents backyard. We have visited them in different seasons throughout the year. I answered that they aren't the same as Midwest trees. Plus they want trees to climb and trees to build tree houses in. They can't do that at Ram's parents.

Our conversation finally compromised that if we did win the vacation home we could buy a home in Ewe's hometown as long as the home had lots of big old trees. I really doubt we will win anything in this Monopoly contest, but we can dream...and in our case we dream about trees.

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