Monday, February 16, 2015

Lamb 2's Vision Therapy Evaluation

I did not realize when I made this appointment several months ago that today was President's Day. I couldn't get a parking spot because VT had extra patients with no school today. But we did get into the Dr. on time.

Lamb 2 had his best times ever at today's evaluation! His reading test started at 137 seconds before he had VT. Today was 77 seconds. In December he read like a 6 year old. The score today was 60th percentile for a 7 year old! An 8 year old score would be 55 seconds. A 9 year old score would be 48 seconds. We could tell we still have work to do, but huge progress has been made. I was so pleased that he reads like a 7 year old today, improving a whole year of reading in just two and a half months.

On the pattern block activity the doctor was satisfied with his December scores as he was about 50th percentile. Today he did even better and scored 58%. This test is scored in the 8-11 year old range. I am very happy with his score today.

The one area that was not improved was Lamb 2's smooth eye movements. The Dr. would like us to do activities with him to work on this. When we got home we added table hockey and tennis games to the iPad to help him with this.

The Dr. also recommended in homeschool doing activities for speed to prepare him to do testing at VT. The Dr. really thinks his nose surgery helped his scores today-he didn't need to stop and take breaths during the test as often as before which sped up his reading. I am going to need to think about activities for speed for him. Perhaps I'll make up worksheets with words that I know he knows and have him read those worksheets as fast as possible. Since he can't read yet that is the best I can think of right now.

The Dr. also reminded me that our goal with VT was to get him over the hurdles that were stopping him from reading like an average child. After VT they do not expect him to be a perfect reader, but they expect those hurdles to be gone so that he can take off in his reading. Today's evaluation was to make sure that he was taking off and not stuck at one level or even going backwards.

The doctor wants to see Lamb 2 again in May just to make sure that he is still improving.  We took little treats and thank you cards to his therapists today and they really appreciated it. We will continue to work on reading in homeschool and add in a few extra activities in play time like games on the iPad and playing with pattern blocks.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Lamb 2 - I know he has been working very hard and his scores show it.