Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Last year the night before Valentine's Day I got caught up on dishes, changed the tablecloth, and set out several treats for the Lambs. I was determined to make the day special since we homeschool and our Lambs won't have memories of classroom parties. I wanted them to wake up to surprises at their places at the table. I blogged about what we did last year here.

This year I did grocery shopping the day before Valentine's Day. I decided to not buy any candy and instead I splurged on beef. Last night we took the Lambs plus one of their friends to a hockey game. On the way back to the friend's house, Lamb 3 had to go to the bathroom. There was no place to stop so when we got to the friend's house I told him we would hurry and go to the bathroom there. He told me he wasn't able to wait and he didn't have to go any more.

We got home after 11pm and discovered then that Lamb 3 was a mess and needed a shower immediately. I helped him shower and put his clothes in the washer. Then I took a shower after helping Lamb 3. Lamb 2 was jealous that Lamb 3 got a shower and decided he also needed a shower. Finally everyone was in bed at midnight.

This morning I had a meeting at church so I got up quietly hoping everyone else would sleep in after the late night before. Right before I left, Lamb 1 came downstairs excited about his surprises that he was sure I would have left out for Valentine's Day. Oops, I started the tradition so I better continue it.

I dug out the candy hearts I bought on clearance last year and put one at each of their places. I dug out lollipops that Grandma brought them after her trip to Maine last fall that I had never shared with them. I opened the envelope from my mom and put each card at their places at the table. Everything saved the day and it didn't look like I had ditched forgotten this tradition. I did not clean up the kitchen last night nor change the tablecloth so these treats were set at their places and some of those places were messier than others.

Then I opened e-mail and looked at a few blogs. I tried to not be disgusted that one blog I read posted pictures of what all they had done for Valentine's Day even though she was posting pictures of what all they had done before I even got out of bed. Oh yeah, there is a time difference, so it's not as early there as it is here. But a big sign, treats for all the kids, and heart shaped pancakes? And posted pictures at 7:30am on a Saturday? Big sigh here from Ewe! That sigh is because that is what I would have done a few years ago, but didn't happen today. Plus I'm not sure my BOYS want me to do too much for Valentine's Day. Plus we never would have done all that and also posted pictures of it before noon!

When I got home from my meeting I made the raspberry ganache pie that was requested by the Lambs for Valentine's Day dinner. It had plenty of time to chill. I also began supper right away so I wouldn't be rushed at supper time. I made Erin's beef rendang.

The Lambs spent the afternoon playing outside in the beautiful weather and I talked to my neighbor for a little while. Then we ate supper early (delicious!) and the Lambs played outside some more. When they came inside I trimmed everyone's hair and they watched Nascar. We ate pie before bedtime.

It was a wonderful, relaxing Valentine's Day! Sometimes celebrations work out even without tons of planning by Ewe ahead of time. Since we only have male Lambs everyone was happy with how we celebrated Valentine's Day, even me with my big dreams of how I want our celebrations to turn out.

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