Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Not my fault!

Yesterday I canceled school due to Lamb 2's doctor appointment and the public school kids having President's Day off. I figured it was a good time to sit down and get all my papers in order for our tax lady.

I began filling out the checklist and I couldn't find the mortgage interest statement. I then spent a couple of hours going through my papers looking for it. I was very frustrated, I have never been this organized with my paperwork as I was this year. I thought it was just going to take a little while to fill out the form with the numbers I already entered in my spreadsheet.

I finally gave up at bedtime and told Ram we would have to call them tomorrow and even if there was a fee get a new one. It was not filed where it was supposed to be nor near where it was supposed to be.

When we called them today, they answered that they were mailed in January but the post office was about 3 weeks behind due to weather there. I hadn't misfiled it, I never received it! With almost 60 degree days here recently, it never crossed my mind that weather was holding it up.

He was able to give me the numbers that I needed over the phone but I'm going to try to wait for the statement to arrive to give all the correct info to my tax lady. I wish I hadn't wasted so much time looking for it yesterday, but it was a relief that it wasn't my fault. Hopefully it will arrive this week and I can get everything to my tax lady soon.

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Jody said...

I have very little to do with our taxes. My husband tells me what to write in each blank, and I do it. And even THAT stresses me out more than just about anything else all year. I'm nearly reduced to tears.