Friday, February 13, 2015

Ewe's medical adventures

I had my physical last week. They want me to repeat my pap. It wasn't abnormal but it didn't test correctly. It will be free, but I need to find time in our schedule to repeat.

I thought I was having my root canal yesterday, but it ended up the dentist wanted to spend time testing different teeth and figure out exactly what was wrong. That testing showed I definitely need one root canal and I probably need two. It was my choice if I wanted to do one and see if that helped the other tooth or do both root canals now. I chose to do both and get it done. That is scheduled for a couple of weeks unless I get in so much pain that it becomes an emergency. I still can't believe all this since those teeth are completely healthy, it is the nerves.

I had high blood pressure at the doctor when I had my physical. I think it is just going to the doctor-"white coat blood pressure", but it could be all this other medical stuff happening to me now. I went to the chiropractor this week and that should help my blood pressure. Now I need to find time to regularly check my blood pressure. Ram thinks if I get the root canals done that will also help. I hope to get this taken care of soon because our family doctor took another job and is done at our clinic in June. I don't want to deal with this with a new doctor. We were so blessed with this doctor for three years and we will really miss her.

Everything else at my physical and lab work came back normal. I plan to begin exercising when the Lambs begin track in a couple of weeks. I plan to walk the track while they have practice. None of my medical problems are major, but they all take time to deal with. Last year we helped Lamb 2. This year I'm attempting to take better care of myself.

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