Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January PE

Our PE Co-op went to Crossfit once a week in January. I took my camera with me two weeks, but I didn't get the greatest photos. Here are some photos of the Lambs.

I am mentioning this for my family, there are more photos here. You need to scroll down to HS Co-op photos. Some of the kids in the photos have bright yellow shirts like the last photo shown here. If you don't see the Lambs try another group of photos. We were in the second session so you have to go past about 300 photos to get to our section of photos. It is a little confusing, but if you find the right group of photos, our Lambs are in a lot of pictures!

Our Lambs took a couple of weeks to warm up to Crossfit, but then they loved it. I have a feeling Crossfit will be their favorite month of PE Co-op. I loved their real training of how to do exercises and use equipment properly. I never had training like that at the public elementary school! We are off to another location this month.

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