Friday, February 5, 2016

Final January Declutter Update

*Ram and I began organizing his library at his church office in January. He brings a couple of boxes home at a time. First he decides what he is willing to part with. Then I am cataloging and typing up a list of what he keeps. I estimate we are about 40% done with his library. I am hoping I am not overestimating that! He inherited books from both sides of our family, a lot from my dad, and a lot from the former pastor of our church. His library is so massive that he may have duplicate or triple copies of the same book on different bookshelves in his library. So when we finish the entire library then we will study the cataloged list to see if there are more duplicates that we did not catch in the process. He has also discovered some treasures that he did not know he had.
*He has already found a lot of books that he did not want. He also found some duplicates. He took 10 boxes to the used book store and they bought 5 boxes worth. We have a lot of credit there even after he purchased a few books that have been on his wish list. I am always amazed at what they want. I hope to make it out to the used bookstore soon to see what I want with the credit.
*I got together a bunch of stuff to donate including the boxes of books the bookstore did not want and one more box of books that I didn't think was worth asking the bookstore. Soon Ram will deliver all this give away stuff. He already delivered one box of books to give away.
*We have two boxes of books that we plan to share with friends or donate to the church library. Those are set aside ready to deliver.
*Working on Ram's church books inspired me to work on my Sunday School/religion files at home. I made it through one out of two file cabinet drawers-organizing and purging a lot. I hope to finish the second drawer soon.
*We made appointments for the Lambs and for Ewe for their annual physicals. We found out there is quite a long waiting time for appointments so we decided to schedule them several months in advance so we are sure to get in.
*I began getting the paperwork together to send to our tax lady. My goal this year is after I send the taxes in to have all my paperwork here organized and shred what I don't need then. Usually I'm so happy to be done with taxes that all the paperwork gets thrown in a box. I have several boxes to go through. I would love to have all the 2015 paperwork organized now.

Not a lot of other decluttering has happened here besides Ram's library. Helping the Lambs with Stonesetters, library book clubs, homeschool, chauffeuring, and housework has kept me busy. I know Ram's books are a project worth doing and when we finish his library I will get back to decluttering at our house. Final tally of book boxes that left our house in January was 14!

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Jody said...

Wow. That is a lot. You make me tired (yet oddly, also motivated) just reading your post. :)