Friday, February 19, 2016

Family Update

  • Ram and I both had dentist appointments today. Ram's report was ok, but he needs to be better about flossing. My report was not good, I need fillings on both sides of my mouth. They think we were so concerned about my root canal last year that they missed these tiny cavities. They said it is time for prescription toothpaste since I have these unexplainable need for fillings now and root canals last year. They stressed it had nothing to do with brushing and flossing, more likely it is hormones. I really think all my pregnancies have caught up with my teeth and that is the reason. I am also going to give coconut oil pulling a try to see if it helps any. I've thought about oil pulling, but now I have more motivation.
  • Ram and I both went to the chiropractor today. I feel so much better after all this work with books-both lifting boxes of books and sitting typing the catalog.
  • The Lamb with a rash that we thought was eczema had to go back to the doctor because his rash did not improve after a month. The doctor had a student, physician assistant, and another doctor all look at the rash to make sure that he wasn't misdiagnosing it. He thought it might be Fifth disease but this Lamb already had that plus he had no other symptoms. It baffles the doctors because he didn't have a fever or any other symptoms that would tell them what it is. They still think it is extreme eczema. We are trying two new prescriptions and will return to the doctor in a month. If it still doesn't improve by then we will need to go to a dermatologist. That Dr. visit was frustrating and took a long time.
  • We finished the bookcases in Ram's office, but before I celebrated completion, Ram brought home the contents of one file cabinet drawer. I spent a long time organizing the "What about..." pamphlets and other reports by the LCMS that have been sent to pastors since the 1970s. Ram threw out some of his notes from when he studied in England. I thought that we were going to organize periodicals like Lutheran Witness that were in his file cabinets. I didn't even know I had to organize all this other stuff. We discovered several duplicates since Ram and I are both on the official roster. It is worth working on the file cabinets and passing on duplicate copies to others. 
  • Lamb 1 worked on his birthday wish list tonight. Yikes, 2 weeks from tomorrow! I do not feel ready for birthday season. (All the Lambs and Ram have spring birthdays.) I need to get my plans together. I also need to prepare myself for my last year before there is a teenager in our house!

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