Sunday, February 21, 2016

Picture proof of progress

Ram brought a couple more file drawers home yesterday. While I worked on organizing periodicals, he had a bunch of binders that he went through. Most of these were from his time at the Seminary, and some were also spiral bound handouts from professors. He found an entire binder of blank lined paper and the Lambs were thrilled to each get a "new" binder with paper out of the project. He saved a couple of papers out of the binders but all the rest went in recycling. The most frustrating part of this is I have been complaining how expensive binders are now. I could have used those binders for organizing Sunday School materials at church and for organizing homeschool materials. We threw out the worst binders and kept the rest to either use or donate. Here's one more example of decluttering not only gives you more space, but it saves you money.
I recycled some magazines, but this picture is just what Ram did in one day.

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