Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stonesetters Part 2

The Stonesetters schedule went like this on January 22.

8:30am Bill mixer game-The students had to ask as many other students what their bill was and the name of their pet and write down their information on a list with all the students names. These were turned in and the students that had the most signatures won a small prize. Lamb 1 and 2 went around together and it really slowed Lamb 1 down because Lamb 2 needed help to spell all the pets names. I tried to help Lamb 2 but he didn't want my help as much as he wanted Lamb 1's help. They didn't get information from very many students.  They will understand how this works better next year and also probably go separately. It was also disappointing for the Lambs to answer each time that they don't have any pets. Even our goldfish died.

9:00am Speaker Etiquette-The students were taught proper addressing. Stand up each time you address the floor and say, "Madame Speaker and Ladies and Gentlemen of the House"...and when finished speaking, "Thank you Madame Speaker and Ladies and Gentlemen of the House." It took correction from the parents but after a few times almost all the students had the pattern down.
Senator Johnson spoke to us. She said that Stonesetters was designed to train up these students so some day we will have more Christians in the Statehouse.

9:15am Bill skit-The older students put on a skit to explain how a bill works when it is proposed. It was clever and a good way to teach this concept.

9:45am The House Majority Leader spoke to us. He told us that he thinks Idaho is the best place to live. He ran for office because he hates taxes. Stonesetters presented him with a Ten Commandments plaque to put in his office to thank him for his help with Stonesetters and his Christian example at the Capitol.

10am We split in to two groups and we began debating our bills. Proper speaker etiquette was expected. Both parents and students were welcome to debate the other students bills. I will talk about how Lamb 1 and 2's bills went in a separate post. We ate our sack lunches that we brought with us during the debate.

12:30pm Each student was presented a certificate and received their bill signed by the clerk with passed or not passed on it.

1pm-3pm We had a complete tour of the capitol. Representative Moyle invited us on to the House floor. We were allowed to take turns sitting in the Speaker's chair. In several places at the capitol members of the legislature met us and told us what happens in those rooms. It was very interesting, but the Lambs thought it was too long.

3:15 We met with one of our representatives, Representative Holtzclaw. A few other students that were in his district met with him at the same time.

3:30 Ram and Lamb 3 met us and we went out to eat.

There were no breaks and the day went very quickly for me, but the Lambs thought it was long. They had a ton to fit in the one day that we were there. I am thankful the Lambs had this opportunity. I hope that all three Lambs are able to participate next year.

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